Rental and installation of a stand for an exhibition, congress or fair

Exhibition stand design

Professional stand designer

He works with companies from a wide range of sectors. This expert offers his clients solutions for everything related to events.

Choosing your designer

The search for an exhibition stand for a trade fair is a difficult exercise. The best solution can be found by calling on the services of an experienced stand designer.

Customised stand designer

Improve your communication campaign by contacting a specialist in 3D stand design. These experts are willing to design customised stands.

Point-of-sale advertising

The principle of point-of-sale advertising or POS is to design devices including all advertising communication media. The aim is to attract attention.

Organising your event well

Organisation of professional events, fairs and conferences

The organisation of a professional event includes: stand rental, team building, corporate communication…

To optimise the organisation of a trade fair, use a POP display. This solution for appealing to the consumer in the shop includes several tools capable of displaying and highlighting a product or an attractive advertising offer. The aim of point-of-sale advertising is to attract the attention of customers during the act of purchase. To achieve this, various communication devices can be used: posters, display screens, banners, signs, floor stickers, sound messages, totems, information terminals, kakemonos, signs, outdoor and indoor signage, etc. For more details, visit

Exhibition stands

Modular stand

Modular stand

Traditional stand

Traditional stand

Portable stand

Portable stand

As its name indicates, the modular stand is practical, it accompanies you with a human-sized communication and advertising medium that adapts to the exhibition space.

The traditional stand is a real communication medium capable of marking and highlighting the best assets of a company. It is the best media vector during an exhibition.

A portable stand is a useful communication medium to have your exhibition device at hand. This communication support has a sufficiently compact volume to be transportable.

Communication tools

Umbrella stand

The exhibition umbrella stand is probably the most suitable advertising accessory to establish the image and reputation of a brand.


The advertising totem is a device with customisable content. This device is used to present and display information.

Tarpaulin and banner

In order to find PVC tarpaulins and advertising banners, you can call on a manufacturer of communication media. They have a wide range of designs to choose from.


Roll-ups are used at professional events or during promotional campaigns. The format of the advertising medium offers a large amount of space for visibility.


The kakemono is a communication medium capable of achieving several complementary objectives such as: providing additional information and disseminating a positive image of a company.

Electroluminescent display

This is a luminous display par excellence. The principle of the support is to propose an extra-flat poster that lights up. This modern advertising medium is ideal for providing a captivating visual for your products or services.

Communication tools

Space planning

The interior designer is responsible for preparing the layout of professional, private and cultural spaces in accordance with specific regulations and technical constraints.

The space planning specialist monitors the site until the work is completed. His intervention can include the filing of the declaration of works. He designs furniture for private or professional use as well as decorative objects. To accomplish his mission, the interior designer coordinates a team, manages a group of employees, or even a structure. Also known as a decorator architect, interior architect, environmental designer, architectural consultant, etc., the space planner regularly works outdoors. This specialist works for an architectural firm, local authorities, a design and engineering office.

The projects of a space planner consist of defining a preliminary project, drawing up layouts and interior arrangements, specifying the conditions for carrying out a project. The role involves the preparation of a brief including the identification of the parties involved in securing a client’s order. Other core competencies include the design/layout of interior spaces, the drawing of sketches, the creation of specifications and the respect of construction standards. His mission is to ensure that the safety of spaces and establishments open to the public is respected.

The specific activities and skills of a decorator include various activities such as the realisation of fitting out works, the fitting out of private homes, the fitting out of businesses, shops, hotels-restaurants… The service provided by this professional also involves as a specific activity the design of fitting out cultural sites, medical sites, public spaces, work spaces, kitchen and bathroom spaces…

Setting up a stand

Setting up a stand

To attract the general public, it is advisable to know how to set up a stand. This ephemeral space is ideal for sales, work exchanges and information sharing.

exhibition stand design

Modular stand accessories

When investing in the purchase of a modular stand, additional accessories can be added. These can be additional modules, screen supports, isoframes, shelves, brochure holders, visual replacement, etc.

Adaptable stand

Expert designer

The exhibition stand design expert takes care of creating the visuals printed on fabric. He also creates dozens of exhibition stand designs.

Adaptable stand

Building an exhibition stand is expensive, so it is best if it is adaptable for future use. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a modular design.