The different types of digital signage

For several decades, the paper display has been the most used means of communication by companies. Nowadays, the paper seems to give way to the dynamic screen, a modern communication tool and high technology. For an entrepreneur, communicating on his products or services becomes a necessity. Therefore, using the dynamic screen allows to broadcast a viral and pleasant advertising content. What to remember about the types of digital signage? Here are the three categories that we distinguish on the market.

The POT display (point of transit)

It is a display mode that is generally observed on the roadside, shop windows, metro station and much more. It is an effective way for the company to get the message across to its customers. Dynamic screens optimize the advertising impact of advertisers. Advertisers have the possibility to change the content of their advertisement and pass the information to drivers and motorists. Thus, all road users will be able to see and appreciate your advertising. An ultra-efficient digital signage solution. Moreover, the particularity of POT (point of transit) is that it is placed in strategic corners of the city. Airports, subways ... and stations are more equipped with dynamic screen. Thus, advertisers have the opportunity to reach their target wherever it is. Moreover, these places of affluence have the advantage of the number, which is beneficial for the brands. The same is true for window displays in stores. These screens capture the attention of customers through the motion effect of the advertising content. Bold messages are displayed all day long.

Point of sale (POS) digital signage solution

From shopping malls to butcher shops to supermarkets, POS screens are making their way into retail outlets. These places, which are particularly open to purchase, allow advertisers to address consumers in the best possible way. On the shelves or in other corners of the stores, these screens are located in the right place. This makes it easier to make a purchase decision on the spot. The goal is to encourage customers to take action. The display has become an effective sales tool once installed in a supermarket. Moreover, it must be said that the messages conveyed by these screens are reinforced by promotional offers. This pushes the consumer to jump on the opportunity that presents itself once in the store.

POW (point of wait) displays

Waiting rooms are also home to dynamic displays. Very often, it is possible to spend several minutes in this room, enough for an advertiser to get his message across. Unlike supermarkets, the purpose of this type of advertising campaign is to inform. Thus, by watching these contents scrolling, you decrease the impression, even the stress of waiting. The particularity of the POW screens is that they give more details about the product or service in promotion. In addition to the advertising content, it is possible to have other types of content. It can be the weather, the headlines or the press review, the news and much more. In short, some practical information for more satisfaction. Dynamic screens are a successful advertising medium. It is a way to reach your target directly where it is. In the street, the station, the airport...or in the supermarkets, your message is known by all. Thus, advertisers can obtain a satisfactory return on investment in a very short time.
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