Which support is the most adapted for your event?

Published on : 09 December 20215 min reading time
You are planning to organize an event for your clients and prospects, but you don’t know the right medium through which you could communicate the agenda and the activities that will take place there. When it comes to event advertising, there are different ways to do it. The most important thing is that you know which one best suits your needs.

The event media are tools that give you visibility and allow you to gain notoriety. If you choose the wrong communication channel, you may not achieve the objectives you set for yourself by organizing this event. However, the solutions listed below give you many possibilities, whether it is to attract prospects or to retain your customers.

Booths at forums

Does your company offer services or products in a specific field? You could participate in a forum or trade show. Your advantage in this type of meeting is to have visibility with visitors (who may be prospects), but also with other companies who may become business partners.

Exhibition stands during forums and trade shows require some equipment, including a shelf for flyers, a large central poster and one or two X-banners or Kakemonos to inform passers-by a little more about your activities and/or services. This configuration is a standard model of support at an event as important as a trade show or a forum.

The small disadvantage is that you have to invest in the equipment mentioned above, not to mention the fact that you will also have to print what you want to display to visitors and passers-by. But even though it is quite an investment, the image you bring to the forum or trade show is seen as one of your organization’s values, namely the pursuit of quality.

Basic materials

Does your company have an official website? How about creating an “Event page” on that website? This will help everyone who wants to know more about your event to easily find updated information in one place. Potential attendees will probably come to this page.

You could also use “Email Marketing”. Gather emails from your past and prospective customers and supporters to create a newsletter list. Be sure to create a strong campaign to introduce and confirm any headliners, venue changes, or special activities (e.g., workshop) that will be taking place while also featuring your Event page on your official website to improve its search engine rankings.

Social media

Each social network can be used as an event support for a target audience. In this sense, you must know in advance the participants.


Whether it’s a business event or not, Twitter is a good place where you could present a constantly updated feed of what’s going on, ask for feedback, answer any questions, share interesting comments and get more engaged. You can familiarize your customers and prospects with all your activities, achievements and current projects.


If your audience is on Facebook, it’s a good idea to create a post that you make public to promote more invites throughout the Facebook community while moderating the comments, photos and videos shared.


This is a great place to share high-quality insights into speakers, location, and anything else that speaks to your company’s story. Be sure to use a hashtag on this social media outlet.

Mobile event apps

If you haven’t used an event mobile app yet, you’d be surprised at how much this type of software can help you communicate with your attendees, provide a mobile agenda and organize your event.

It is important to select the right application considering the following aspects:

Push notifications

Check if the app supports push notifications to allow you to send announcements to attendees’ mobile devices as well as their emails. This is handy for keeping participants informed and reminded, especially on the “big day”.

Group chat

A good event mobile app should support group chat so that your team can have internal discussions and sync before or during the event. It will also be useful for attendees to communicate with each other to make travel arrangements, share information about local attractions, or discuss the topics at hand.

Live Polling

Live polling is not only for competitive events, but can be used to get a count on session attendance for room organization, develop event programs, engage attendees with thought provoking questions, etc.

Try to come up with a few reasons to create a live survey and double check that your event app offers it. Mobile polls will help you gather attendee feedback more easily.

Attendee retention

Make sure you can keep your event on the app once the big day is over and give your attendees (and you) the option to continue using it for post-event follow-ups. Just like email newsletters, have a strategy about using an event mobile app to inform your customers and prospects about upcoming events and increase their retention. Having a long-term channel is important, especially if you are trying to build a community.

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