Design of custom-made event stands

Published on : 09 December 20213 min reading time
Exhibitions or fairs with economic purpose are the occasions to gather all the economic actors like companies and firms, having great notoriety. But they all have one thing in common: to stand out from the rest. For this purpose, they look for all the effective means to be noticed by the passing customers and visitors. This brings a great impact on the profit level.

Today, there are many choices that can meet the demands of these companies. Among them, we can mention: packaged stands, collective stands and general installation, as well as custom-made stands.

The particularity of custom-made stands

Unlike the packaged stands, the custom-made stands are a little more expensive, due to their more prestigious and luxurious characteristics.

Indeed, they have more complex structures than the others. They have unique characters. During their design, they require a preliminary study, because no detail is made at random. All of them are made to the nearest millimeter like furniture, electricity, decorations, as well as many others. They are also well set up to ensure a very good functionality.

The custom-made stand: design procedures

The custom-made stand is designed according to the requests, even the most specific ones. It is designed in a precise manner, taking into account the location of the exhibition (the necessary surface area, etc.) and the operating company. Moreover, a detailed quotation plan will be designed before the creation stage. It will be established between the provider and the operator and will allow to avoid any problem and to satisfy any choice of the latter. Then, a pre-assembly of validation will be made before the final validation of the stand. This is another of its advantages. Moreover, its design must reflect the image of the company. It must be captivating, attractive and elegant at the same time.

This type of stand is particularly modular. It can be easily dismantled after the exhibition. Moreover, it does not require much space for storage. In addition, it is reusable.

The custom-made stand: the advantages

Custom-made stands, by their prestigious character, reflect luxury, originality and quality. It also presents a specificity of commercial services, which the operators will give for the visitors. Therefore, choosing the types of custom-made stands will allow any company to gain an important notoriety on the market and thus, to stand out from the others by accentuating its visibility.

The packaged stand, an ideal formula!
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