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Published on : 09 December 20216 min reading time
While the digitalization phenomenon continues to grow at an impressive rate, there is also a strong rise in environmental awareness. Companies remain highly attentive to these societal changes in order to continue their growth and preserve their business. Thus, in order to communicate, they have to change their habits. Aware of this challenge, most suppliers have adapted and now offer new solutions. It is for example the case of the online printing services which is moreover evoked more largely in the text below.

Call on the know-how of a professional

For a company, it is absolutely vital to communicate. It must present its services and win new customers. We can’t count the number of companies in difficulty due to a deficit in this field or to a poorly controlled campaign. The latter must be thought out and you should not hesitate to call upon a service provider to assist you in its definition.

In order to succeed in your operation, it is also important to ask yourself the question of the communication media. Do you need a modest surface or, on the contrary, visible from afar? Which one will optimize your message? How to maximize your chances of reaching your target? It is by answering all these questions that you can find the ideal support. There are indeed an incredible number of them and innovations are constantly being developed!

To realize and measure the thickness of the offer which is offered to you, do not hesitate to visit the specialized websites like the one of the company Prismaprint. The latter wants to be the reference in the field of large format digital printing. If you are interested in this particular world then this name is probably not unknown to you. It evokes a brand belonging to one of the biggest world groups, Prismaflex International, which has been leading the market for more than thirty years now. With more than three hundred employees, the group achieves a turnover of more than fifty million euros each year.


This is probably the element best suited to urban environments. Posters meet both the legislative requirements for advertising spaces and consumer habits. You’ve heard terms like “4 by 3” or “bus shelter communication medium”. They both refer to the format of your poster. Some of them are standard and predefined, but it is also possible to create a custom-made one. Depending on your needs, the production can be limited to a few copies only or can be carried out on a larger scale, especially in the framework of a national campaign for a brand.

It is interesting to note that the solution presented in the first paragraph of this text has a double advantage. You will be able to rely on Prismaflex’s knowledge of large format digital printing but also on its ability to build billboards. This double competence is particularly useful for all the companies wishing to communicate quickly and which do not wish to multiply the speakers. Do not hesitate to take advantage of his experience to define all the other parameters such as the paper weight, the fixing methods or the fireproof protections which are imposed in certain circumstances.

Tarpaulins and banners

Apart from urban environments which have all the equipment to receive posters, it is preferable to opt for other solutions. This is the case with the printing of tarpaulins. Just like their city counterparts, they are available in all sizes. There is nothing to stop you from designing one that is several meters long if your needs require it.

This solution is very popular at the moment. It has the advantage of being inexpensive compared to other supports. Obviously, in these times of economic uncertainties, it is an argument to which a company manager or a craftsman will not remain insensitive. Options are also proposed within the framework of the large format printing on tarpaulins. You are free to choose a double-sided support, materials (textiles, PVC …) or to add illustrations.


It is clearly the most appreciated communication support by companies, and this for several decades now. It must be admitted that its price has always been among the most competitive in the advertising media market. With this constant success, the designers could have been asleep on their laurels. But this is not the case, as the adhesive has evolved to become even more effective. It now has certain properties that allow it to be attached to almost any surface (window, floor, vehicle, etc.), to be repositionable or even to let daylight through thanks to its perforations.

Of course, you have total freedom in the design of your adhesives, whether it be the motifs, colors or dimensions. You will also have the possibilities offered by the personalization and the made-to-measure. Some companies will even offer to take care of the installation of the elements! Really practical, isn’t it?

Other POS materials

For those who are not familiar with the world of communication, the acronym POP stands for “Point of Sale Advertising”, although it is also used for communication objects present at trade shows or exhibitions. More concretely, it refers to all the supports that can be found both in the shop and in its immediate external environment. The evolutions in this field are numerous and go always further. Thus, it is now possible to replace the classic floor or wallpaper of your store by a printed model that you will use for your communication. You can also opt for smaller POP displays such as a backlit box or a simple frame.

Of course, if you have difficulty choosing among all these options, you can count on the advice of specialized companies. Also, don’t hesitate to take a look at the way your competitors communicate. Although copying is an absolute stupidity that will inevitably lead you to your loss, it is indeed never forbidden to draw inspiration from others! This will help you identify what works and, on the contrary, avoid anything that has a weak and limited impact.

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