Installation of stands or assembly of stands

A trade show is an unavoidable opportunity to make your products known and to increase your sales. However, it would not be successful without the existence of a stand. The latter allows to show the products and to valorize the company. So, how to set up an event stand? What are the steps to follow for the installation of the latter?

1st step: preparation of the installation

Before proceeding to the installation of the stands, it is necessary to inspect them. The first thing to do is to check all the installation materials, as well as the parts of the stands. Usually, they are already mentioned on a list. It is necessary to arrange them on the floor and sort them according to their usefulness and operation. After that, you need to consider your safety. Being an assembly phase, the stand can cause risks. So, you must be well equipped. You must provide technical gloves and safety shoes. You should also protect your head, to avoid possible risks. Finally, you can already do a set-up and pre-assembly of the stands before the day of the event. This way, it will be easier to install it at the time of the exhibition.

2nd step: the installation of the stand

In order to properly set up the booth, certain steps must be followed. First of all, you need to assemble all the pillars and supports of the stand. Connect the four corners of the booth. Join them so that they have a good partition. This step is not necessary for some stands, such as umbrella stands. In fact, they are already installed. You just have to open them to use them. Next, the floor must be installed. There are many choices when it comes to booth flooring. You can choose either carpeting or plastic floor tiles. You can even opt for a custom floor, depending on your expectations and preferences. Finally, you need to assemble the booth. Start with the heaviest or most cumbersome structures. Then, place the light parts little by little.

Step 3: Decorate the booth

To attract the most customers, your booth must ensure a good visual. It must be attractive and captivating. It must also resemble your company's image, i.e. elegant and sophisticated. Finally, it must showcase your products and services. To achieve this result, you need to add some original touches. You can, for example, put your logo on the stand. You can also play on the colors, so that it is well visible.
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